Model Records review

Model Records

Model Records - Everything that you need in one place is a site with an archive of many models who make adult content for money for people who enjoy it. They have an extensive collection with many models that use adult platforms such as OnlyFans, LoyalFans, IsMyGirl, and many more. Your daily search for hot models from platform to platform getting scammed and blocked is over! With, everything that you're looking for is just a few clicks away, and you can relax and enjoy it. This site is not only for paid customers but also for content creators themselves to join and promote their platform.

The front page of the

On the front page, you have a search bar to search for whatever you want with keywords. Under that, you have four options with OnlyFans, FanCentro, AVN stars, and LoyalFans. You can choose whichever platform fits you the best it is your choice only. Under they have a section with recently added models for those who want to see new participants or can't find the right model. After that, there is an option for random models if you're going to test your luck and see if you could get something from it. Below that, in the end, there is an option for adult content creators who want to submit their accounts to profit. Besides that, there is also a link for their app specifically for adult content creators, so they don't have to use Linktree. Not only that, but they also have a cam model agency for those who want to pursue their cam model career further.


Their model's option also has a search bar for keywords, and they have separate categories for them. The categories they have are AVN Stars, FanCentro, Frisk.Chat, IsMyGirl, LoyalFans, ManyVids,, and OnlyFans. All models are displayed with a link and their pictures usually of their face in a provocative manner or their body. They also have a search bar option for tags, so you don't have to worry about that. Once you click on a chosen model, they have a link to their platform under their picture, and usually, they have more than one picture. Unter the gallery, the models have their smaller intro or biography depending on a model and what they want to represent. And if you like the chosen model under it, they have related listings of creators that might be similar and share your interest.

How is beneficial for you as a content creator?

If you are new to sex work, you will soon realize it is not that easy to gather a big platform with loyal fans. Even if you have a good amount of followers on platforms like Instagram, not every follower will be interested in your adult content. Of course, there will be people who will indeed purchase it, but in reality, most of them won't, and that sucks. That is why sites like exist, so you don't have to struggle and gather fans to make money from it. Especially if sex work is your main or only goal for income, it will be challenging initially, but this site could make it easier. This is a place where many people gather with one thing in mind, and that is to spend money on some adult content. So this is a perfect place for adult content creators to promote their platforms if they want to succeed. Not only that, but they have an app for the creators who don't want to use Linktree for their links. Instead of clogging up your profile with many links on your platforms, you can just put one that will lead people to all your other connections. Besides that, they have a cam model agency option, and what is that you might be wondering.

Cam model agency

Cam model agency will become your content creation business partner to grow your business and make it flourish. You submit your profile, have a Linktree alternative, and make more money once professionals manage your business. Once you grow as a creator, you won't be able to handle all the managing yourself, which is why others can do it for you. All your custom content requests, PPV purchases, and more will be easily managed for you. As you grow logically, your inbox grows too, and you cant keep replying to everyone and spend all your day doing just that. Your inbox will be managed with positive, flirty, leading to purchase responses. Not only that, but they will also coach you on how to handle and grow your account like a pro, and you will have access to everything they do.

How to apply for a cam model agency

You put up your cam name on the front page at the bottom together with the link to your page, your Twitter, and your email address. They have an option for your Instagram and your other social media if you have it. You also have to tell them how much you make per month and choose one option out of many they offer. Once you do that, you will say to them something about yourself and insert your non-nude pictures. And then submit everything and enjoy further!


Stop lurking and switching socials for quality adult content creators and join for easy research. They have an endless choice for you, and you will definitely find something to your taste. Stop desperately trying to grow your platform on new socials without interactions and boost it with their help. They will manage your business like a pro and help you increase your money income and popularity. Join today and start to spend and earn money faster and better!

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