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Lynx Bio

Lynx Bio

Make the one link count with Lynx 

Something slightly annoying with Instagram is that you can only use a single link in your bio, which is definitely not enough if you are planning to market multiple products that your business offers to the people who check out your page. With, you can use the advantage of that one link and make the visitors go to a mini-site that will allow redirects to other locations. 

Quick and easy site 

Something quite common when it comes to services that help you enhance your Instagram bio is that the site designs are quite minimal. Of course, this is good, because it would be rather unfortunate if the site just throws hundreds of features on the visitor only for them to discover that the services they offer are not that out of this world, and because of that, the site is great. 

Great for phone users 

One thing to note before we talk about the features that the service provides is that everything looks fantastic on the phone, but if someone were to use the pc to navigate through the link that Lynx offers, it does not look that great, in fact, it looks quite bad and getting a regular site instead of this mini-site is a much better idea. 

Plans and pricing 

There is nothing better than having a plan which is completely free while still getting access to all the features that the service provides, with some minor drawbacks, of course. With a free account, you can create up to five links, have a random short URL code, and basic click tracking. 

The only drawback here is that you will not be able to use any themes besides the standard on at Lynx, which looks alright, but if the customers have seen it before, they will definitely not be impressed with what they are seeing, as nobody likes when businesses use something completely free to access and takes minimal effort, even if it looks good. 

The pro plan on the other hand costs $5 per month, which is very cheap for this kind of service. You will get unlimited links, a custom URL short code, support for a custom domain, advanced click tracking, custom background image support, and advanced theme customization. 

Another thing that the pro plan will give you is the removal of the “Provided by LYNX” footer, which does make things look cheap in the free plan. It is also possible to get a membership where you can pay annually, and it costs only $40 as you get a 33% discount. 

Very easy to use 

In general, what this service offers is fantastic, as you can easily set up a mini-sites in a matter of minutes, and it will look very professional, at least on the phone. Since that is where most of the customers come from, you do not have to worry about it, and if you are just starting a business and marketing, this service is going to be more than enough for you to start growing your business. 

  • Very easy to set up
  • Cheap plans
  • $$$